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Automatic Server Set-up Automatic Server Set-up As soon as payment is received, your server will be automatically set-up and configured.
TCAdmin 2.0 Control Panel TCAdmin 2.0 The latest and greatest version of the industry-leading game-server control panel, TCAdmin 2.0.
Customisable Command Lines Customisable Command Lines Ability to customise the command line which starts your server, allowing you to set the map to start on, what gamemode, and more!
Dedicated IP Address DDoS Protection Industry-leading DDoS protection at no extra cost.
No Space or bandwidth limitations No Space or bandwidth limitations We won't limit the amount of space you have for your server files, and we won't limit bandwidth either.
Bespoke SVN Updater Bespoke SVN Updater A unique SVN Updater tool, allowing you to install SVNs to your server and update them on-demand.
Free MySQL Database MySQL Database A free automatically-created MySQL database with full read & write access for those advanced gamemodes & mods.
Free Fast Download Hosting Fast Download A free automatically-configured Fast Download mirror so all your players can join faster. Our Fast Download update scripts fully support addons and gamemodes in Garry's Mod.

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